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Reading with the Kids

October 6, 2008

I was reading to the kids last night from a book my grandmother gave me that is full of great Bible stories. We reached the story of the Good Samaritan last night and several things hit me.

First, it was great to have the kids tell me the story. I didn’t see any reason to read it since they already knew it. Secondly, I was struck by the lead up to the story. Jesus is approached by an expert of the law. The Greek word used means that he was an interpreter and teacher of the Mosaic law.

So the guy really knew his stuff and he wanted to test Jesus by asking what someone would need to do to inherit eternal life. Now it is pretty key to note that he didn’t ask what someone had to do to earn eternal life or merit eternal life, he asks about an inheritance and so he is asking what does God’s family look like.

So as Jesus does he turned the question around on the expert and asked him how he saw it from scripture. The answer is one we all probably know, love God with all of your heart and all your soul and with all of your strength and with all of your mind and love your neighbor as yourself.

But wait the expert it done. That is too broad of an answer. He wants to show himself righteous. He seems to understand that this can be taken many different ways. It is so subject to interpretation and so he asks Jesus to narrow it down. He asks about his neighbor and you most likely know the rest of the story.

Here is what really hit me. This conversation about what it means to be the family of God could have went in many different directions. Jesus could have shaped the conversation differently. He could have explained to the man that he needed to learn to love himself better so that he could love his neighbor. He could have turned and said really you should learn to love me first with a great worship experience that really charges you up and moves you but he didn’t.

No the conversation about an inheritance in God’s family turns on the story of the Good Samaritan. How about you?

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  1. October 7, 2008 5:20 pm

    Wonderful post.
    I think it is so important to read to children.
    This morning I went to Head Start and read to kids.
    Green Eggs and Ham is my favorite book next to the Bible.

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