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October 1, 2008

Recently I road with a friend who was talking about balance. They felt like their life was out of balance. I asked why they thought that way and they shared that many things seemed to be going wrong. Everything wasn’t working out as they had expected and many of these moments were cause for frustration.

What is balance to you? What makes a life in balance? Is it when things are going the most like we expect them or is it something else?

How do we respond to hardship or distractions? Would you say that balance is found living in close relationship with God? If so what if living close to God actually gives us the feeling of imbalance? What if that just means we are no longer in control?

I wonder how Paul would have rated his balance as he was beaten and imprisoned. How do you think he would have viewed his world? What if being in close relationship with God actually makes our world less predictable and harder to understanding? What if true balance leaves us feeling unbalanced from time to time?

What are your thoughts? How would you measure balance? Is balance found the closer we get to God? Is that more likely to uproot us or make us complacent? Thoughts?

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