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Keeping the Story Straight

September 24, 2008

I must admit that I enjoyed the first season of Heroes. I remember stumbling upon it when they ran several together on a Saturday night. I was hooked watching Hero and his friend discover Hero’s power. I watched as the story unfolded and became a fan.

Then last year came and I wasn’t as impressed with the story line, throw in a writers strike and I didn’t know what to expect this season. Well I will admit that I have concerns for the turn to darkness that I perceive but we will see.

No, what really bothered me was what they have done with our cheerleader and the fact that Syler now has her power. I mean the entire hook for me was the ‘save the cheerleader save the world.’ So lets build the entire first season and hook people with this and then let you know in season three that it was all one big waste of time since it really wasn’t much about saving the cheerleader saves the world since the cheerleader needs no saving because she can’t die and obviously Sylar getting those powers is not as earth ending as we thought since he has them.

I have not had enough yet but I am watching. I mean why did they have to basically erase the purpose of season one by making it irrelevant? Can writers not keep the story straight?

You know a lot of people bag on the Bible for discrepancies but at least the story stays straight. Man needs redeemed and God must send someone to save us. God works throughout time by the Spirit to bring about redemption. Faithful people add their story to His for a wonderful picture of people finding life in Christ. Thank goodness that story never changed, that it didn’t rewrite itself halfway through.

For all those who bag on the Bible the story traces very well over thousands of years, the story stays straight. I wish I could say that for so many on TV today.

Hey, maybe there will be some kind of surprise that will make this work, no one saw Jesus dying on a cross as consistent with the story, maybe I will be proven wrong when it comes to Heroes, I hope so.

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