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September 19, 2008

Are there any other kinds? In a recent reading, I read a lot and can’t remember where, a comment was made about the fact that we can’t be about seekers anymore. ‘The point being that people are not going to be attracted with the current state of opinion that Christians have. I understand the point but still, are we not looking for seekers? Those open to faith? People who sense they are lost in some way? If someone isn’t looking why would they look for Jesus?

We have been going over the Beatitudes on our Sunday mornings and the first one, blessed are those poor in spirit seem to deal with this. If someone realizes they are missing something

While I agree that most won’t just get up one Sunday and say, “Hey I’m going to church today” and yet when they connect with people they have to be seekers.

I spent many years working in advertising and yet most who I worked and dealt with had no interest. Could I have done better? Yes but still, if we connected about Christ wouldn’t I still invite them somewhere?

Help me out because we want to impact our community for Christ. WE want to touch those who are far from God with a place that is different. A place doing good in the city who wants to cut through the clutter but I’m not sure I can get anywhere without a seeker.


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  1. October 4, 2008 6:12 pm

    Darin, I am one of those you mention as believing that the seeker-sensitive model of church is about to change. Actually, it has already changed. Have you looked into the Reveal study done by Willow Creek? Even the godfather of the seeker-sensitive movement had admitted that trying to connect with seekers in the traditional way has not led people to any meaningful transformation and action.

    While I do believe we are in a post-Christian era, I do recognize that there are many people open to conversations on spirituality and God. However, many times they are not open to conversations about Jesus and a single path to knowing the Father of all creation. I think it’s easier today than it is 10 years ago to find someone willing to engage in dialogue about God or the lack of a God. Most in this dialogue would admit that they are always open-minded, yet are still waiting on evidence of God or that Jesus was the Son and until it hits them in the face, they will continue not to believe. Aren’t these seekers?

    Part of the missional movement that makes sense is that it’s about loving others and doing good, yet many would not connect such acts with Jesus unless they had a chance to share in an exchange within a body of believers that were living out a heart-felt existence of loving their fellow man instead of drawing attention to themselves for some gain, be it like Oprah that gives publicly and draws attention to herself or as a church that sends press releases when they do something for the community. Selfless acts of loving kindness will draw people to want to know and credit Christ for his work in this world. Serving together with no judgment or expectations will bring us together with the world and allow Christ to have all the glory and us to fulfill our purpose in life of loving God and loving others as ourselves.

  2. October 6, 2008 3:15 pm


    From a press release stand point it may inspire other churches to get involved in the community. Maybe that is a bad reason, they do it because they don’t like that your church is always in the paper helping others, and yet the kingdom expands.

    Maybe not. We send press releases when we impact the community because we are trying to inspire others and let the world know that the kingdom is doing kingdom things.

    I would enjoy a further conversation on this. I think I will write a post.

    Thanks again for your thoughts. They are inspiring.

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