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Go with the Flow

September 19, 2008

How good are you at taking what comes? How many of us want to control the outcome? We have watched our numbers steadily grow this year. More importantly we have helped people get back with God in their journey, and yet how are we at going with the flow?

Do we take what comes or do we try to control it?

It is one thing to have a vision from God that you work towards, it is another to try to create vision by manipulating the situation.

How willing are we to go with the flow? Are we willing to see failure? To pick ourselves up from mistakes?

I wonder if God doesn’t keep us from meeting our expectations at times just to remind us that the story isn’t about us. Maybe he tries to point us back towards Him, His flow, His timing, His purpose and plan.

No, I have days where I very much want to be in control. May they be few as I try to go with God’s flow.

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