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Learning about your Community

September 4, 2008

You never know where good ideas will come from. I like to read a lot of business books and magazines because many times I find great ideas.

Let me throw this one out. It comes from the book It’s Not the BIG that eat the SMALL…It’s the FAST that eat the SLOW written by Jason Jennings and Laurence Haughton.

Go to open houses in your community. On Saturday and Sunday most realtors will open up hundreds of homes in your area. The writers suggest that you go not to buy a house but to look inside their home. See what you can learn about your town. What music they like, colors, computers and other items that might help you better understand where you live.

What if in going out into the community you found an overwhelming amount of country music on the shelves of the homes you entered? Would that change how you approached your world?

I think it might. What would you do if you discovered that most homes had a garden magazines or cooking books? What would that do to your outreach into those places?

I thought it was pretty insightful. Maybe you already knew that and if you did why didn’t you tell me?

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