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What keeps you going?

September 3, 2008

When you get down, what keeps you moving? When people drive you crazy what do you do?

You may be reading this thinking I must be down but I’m not. In fact recently we have seen an increase in involvement and people who really get what we are trying to do. People are giving more financially and they are giving their time.

But guess what, the only reason this could happen is because our church pushed through the down times, the hard times, the bad times. We kept moving. So, what keeps you going in those times? Is it the hope that at some point it has to get better?

Is it the fact that you refuse to give up or do you see enough bread crumbs along the way that pull you threw?

I’m just curious what it might be for you. I would love to see a comparison between people who push threw because they are looking for better days versus those who simply push threw because they feel no other option or refuse to give up. I wonder what the groups would look like. I wonder if one would have a higher rate of seeing it through.

Any thoughts?

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