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August 29, 2008

This Sunday we will be talking about unity as we celebrate our ninth anniversary as a church. A few months ago I was introduced to One Prayer. It was an idea that has united around 1,400 through shared video messages, message boards, and prayer. I listened to Craig Groeschel the teaching pastor at and I was moved. He said that the church is the hope of the world and I agree. He showed that our division hinders the cause of Christ. He reminded me that Satan is our enemy, not other churches.

I was moved by the message and because of that, and what God had already put on my heart, we have been working to give away our ministries and our passion for outwardly focused work that helps those in need. We will be announcing a consulting group along with the message. Our goal is to formalize our desire to help other churches by offering to aid them in setting up outwardly focused ministries. This focus led us to set up a Ning site at where people can share ideas and find inspiration as they seek to impact their community.

If you know of anyone doing great things in their community, send them my way. If you know of anyone that is dong something that is new and innovative please let me know.

But that is not all. If you know of an outwardly focused ministry at a church that is just kind of there or ignored or overlooked or underappreciated, you have to tell me about it. If you have ever watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition you know that people impacting their community can use a hand. We want to help them celebrate what they are doing because we don’t think outwardly focused ministry should be an after thought or something kept in a closet. Let us know and we will help give them a ministry makeover that will hopefully inspire others.

I look forward to casting this vision for our people this Sunday. They are so wonderful and passionate. We expect a lot from them. We try very hard to keep our overhead down so that we can use our resources to impact our world. We ask them to get involved. We have seen an increased interest in our Helping Hands Tutoring, but we are not satisfied hording what we do. We don’t want to be hogs, we want to give it away, we want to share in unity with all.

Please pray for us as we begin number 10. I’m praying it is bigger and better than ever.

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