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Your Worldview

August 26, 2008

You know it is interesting with regards to my most recent post, because I think what I was really getting at is worldview. I guess this is a word that can help put your arms around what I was saying. I just started reading a book by Robert E. Webber entitled Who Gets to Narrate the World?. As I read it I came to understand that what I was talking about was worldview.

In the book Webber points out that for many in the church today they have a very me centered understanding a “me” worldview. So everything is run through the prism of what is in it for me. He says you can see this in the church by the questions we ask and how we treat salvation. Webber is quick to add that some part of it is “me” centered but his point is the majority of the story is not.

I had a great discussion on this blog not that long ago along these same lines.

Anyway, what do you think has led to such a “me” centered story? Is it culturally driven? The world has a “me” focus and so in an attempt to get their attention we started aiming at their “me?” Obviously the fall of man was caused by the “me” attitude so it is not something new, but we as believers should know better. We should know that isn’t the answer, we should see the danger of the “me” attitude.

The world is moving further away from a Christian worldview. In reality, and we talk about this a lot in our church, the “other” attitude of the early church is what allowed it to trump the pagan worldview of the day. The “other” worldview that said love the widow, orphan, the neglected. The “other” worldivew best expressed in the statement to love your neighbor as yourself. Why as the church so squarely locked on to the love self part of that today? Is it becaues of the “me” worldview and in the end does a “me” centered church have anything for the world today? Any hope to impact it like the early church? Is this one of the reason our voice seems so week?

What are your thoughts? What is your worldview? What do you see in your church? What do the questions reveal?

P.S. I am back to my regular life of posting.

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