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Government and Africa part 2

June 25, 2008

So the Chinese have moved into Africa with a don’t ask don’t tell policy when it comes to what happens to the money. If the government wants to invest it in a home in Morocco so be it. If they want to pad their Swiss bank accounts, who cares. The Chinese don’t, they just want the natural resources that Africa has. The people who are abused don’t matter.

The article in Fast Company tells us that many businesses and construction projects are owned or worked by people from China. China is full so what better place to send them. So many of the jobs created by the money given from China actually go to transplanted Chinese.

But this is what really hit me. Why do you think the Chinese need all of those natural resources? Do you think it is for their people? No, most of the resources they take from Africa end up exported to other nations. So all of that furniture that we buy from China. The wood can come from Africa. How do they get it, do you really want to know?

So we are sending money to Africa to help the poor who often times are poor because of what the U.S. did to them in the past and what is being done by China today all because of demand in the United States.

Irony I suppose. You might want to call it trickle down benevolence. We create the demand which leads China to plunder Africa which is vulnerable because of past Western abuse.

Now think about all of the giving done at church and ask what percentage of that makes it to people in Africa and then do the math.

I created a shirt that says what I think we need to hear. Consume Less. It has the verse Matthew 6:19-21 also. Certainly feed those in need in Africa but do you know what else we could do that would help, that is right, consume less. Try not to purchase items from China. Spread the word.

The reality is that the more the middle class grows in expectations in America the less likely anyone will find the same in Africa. If we are truly called to seek justice how just is it that we live the way we do while others starve? When our standard of living is fed by Africa’s natural resources.

Will it take an adjustment in our living standard, yes, but how much help am I really giving when the conditions are caused by my consumption?

Something to think about the next time you look to government to fix the problem. Ours is still involved in China. In fact the article discussed what we are trying to do to keep from losing out on Africa’s natural resources. It seems that ours is only interested in making sure we keep getting a piece of the African pie.

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  1. June 25, 2008 10:56 pm

    There is way too much to get into here. I agree with some stuff and disagree with other stuff. I totally love the shirt! Where can I get me some of that?

    Here is one quick thing I wanted to share that is scary with regards to the US and foreign countries. I am far from an economist and far from smart but the US “problem” is many faceted.

    One problem tied to our consumerist mentality is that a sizable amount of our country’s debt is held by other nations. As of April 2008 our total American public debt was $9 Trillion dollars. Of that $9 Trillion, $2.8 Trillion (or roughly 29%) is held by foreign countries. Of that $2.8 Trillion 42% is held by two countries; Japan and China. This means that 12% of our total public debt is held by two countries.

    We are losing our sway and influence on other countries who don’t share our same basic ethos of doing good to others. Whatever bad our country does, and however imperfect it is we still do more good for others at OUR cost than most other countries. “We must require companies to reduce carbon emissions in our country.” So we enact very stringent regulations, the companies go to China where they don’t care and won’t be told what to do. The jobs that used to be held by Americans now goes to another country. Those companies end up polluting more there than they ever did, or would do in our country. How is that good for the environment. (I’m do not believe that global change/warming is anthropogenic, but I do believe we should be responsible consumers.)

    Parallel to this is the fact that Americans still want to buy cheap crap, which also drives companies to fabricate in other countries due to little, if any labor laws and extremely low wages.

    I’m with you. Don’t look to the government for help, fixes or handouts for our stupidity. They can’t even manage their finances well, much less help us with ours. We should take responsibility for our own actions.

    Sorry again for the rant. Your posts do that to me.


  2. June 26, 2008 7:34 pm

    The American way is in conflict with justice. Indvidualization, economic progress of OUR citizens, the freedom to have what ever we want whenever we want it.

    We need the gospel because we need justice.

  3. June 26, 2008 10:25 pm

    Great comments.

    For me I have to make this more than words or shirts.

    Jason, I did the shirt at Cafepress.

  4. June 26, 2008 10:26 pm

    BEN – Any government system is in conflict with justice at all times in one way or another. That is because they are imperfect, humanly devised systems. Socialism is imperfect because it doesn’t take into account man’s base selfish desires, fails to motivate man to higher accomplishments and seeks the lowest common denominator. Communism is imperfect for the same reason. Totalitarianism is imperfect because it is dictated by one man or small group of men. Capitalism is imperfect because it breeds greed and excess. Representative Republics are imperfect because it leads to the many being governed by the powerful. The American way isn’t unique in being in conflict with justice. What government in the world is not for economic progress of its own country? They all are for one reason or another. Chairman Mao didn’t force his way into power because of the good of the people, he wanted power and control. Pol Pot didn’t push communism and/or agrarian collectivization for the good of the people, he wanted power and control. Barak Obama isn’t pushing to be president because he wants “change.” He wants to be president. George Bush didn’t run for president because of the good of the people. He wanted to continue a family line of power.

    God never promises justice on earth. Sure, it would be nice but it isn’t a guarantee. All physical systems are broken and flawed. That is why we look to our spiritual Lord and Savior. We don’t belong here. We need the gospel because we need good news… That there is something better than what we have right now… That we need to be with the one who made us… That there is a maker that understands, cares, acted and acts for our good. Is he a loving God? Yep! Is he a jealous God? Yep! But he’s the only one that has earned that right.

    Rant, Rant, Rant… Just tell me to shut up ok Darin?



  5. June 27, 2008 12:04 am

    Why would I say a word Jason?

    I would only add the Jesus wants the Kingdom of God to be a place of justice within a broken world. We should shine a light of what is to come.

    Other then that I think you make a good assessment of just why current church trends to change world systems are doomed to failure.

  6. November 11, 2008 12:53 pm

    It is high time Africans should generate funds and begin carrying out giant projects in Africa. This will put a check on these reckless Red chinese whose role is the second slaughter of mother Africa. Let’s stem them from coming to Africa. If our leaders can pull back all the sashed currencies that they have kept in their bulging accounts in Baden Baden, Swisswerland, Mahattan, America, Paris France etc. Then and only then shall we begin to develope our economies without looking behind. We shall then be able to construct Technical universities and equally sponsor their projects after graduation. We cannot be thinking of transformation without thinking of the availability of skilled personelle that have been home groomed. Again we must equally beging to pay our skilled work force so well in order to make them understand that they are not exploited. Raising funds is the most easiest of things to do. We have friends abroad, talents that be exibited or show cased or dinner nights with tickets for support. There is no free launch remember? We all have this values and goods that are marketable. Wow let’s go hitting our feet on the ground running for Africa and for her new birth.

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