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The Government

May 6, 2008

I had a couple of posts recently about politics and our responsibility as believers in the world we live in. I think one of the important components of the discussion is the government. What is the role of government and what is our responsibility in that?

Do we really have one? Just because the government says we do does that make it wise? Sound? What God wants?

I know people will disagree and I don’t mind. I would love to hear a compelling argument for a Christian’s active involvement in the government of this world.

It is my personal opinion that we try to get the government to do all of the things the church is supposed to be doing. I think we do that because we think it is an easier way to make things better, maybe I’m wrong.

My view says that this not only robs God of the glory he deserves, but it makes lazy Christians and it turns peoples view from people helping to government help. Everything becomes the government’s job and look what that brings.

Recently a little boy did die and what do you think happened? His father blames the government. The father wants to know where DHS was when his child was being abused. He wants people to give the government more money because he doesn’t want to see this happen again.

The ten ton elephant in the room is where was the father while all this happened? Why should a government agency that doesn’t even know the people involved have a better grasp of the situation than him? If the dad who should be spending time with a son doesn’t know why would they?

I understand why Christians feel they should be involved in government but what if the results they hope for never come? What if the very fact that they look for government to solve problems actually exasperates problems? What if it also keeps Christians from their responsibility of loving children, orphans, widows and the alien?


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  1. May 6, 2008 2:48 pm

    Hey Darin, thanks for commenting on my blog. HOW BIG IS OUR GOD?

    Concerning your post, I pull more towards Libertarian views, which really means that I’m for as little gov’t involvement as possible.

    Take the whole “Gay Marriage” issue.

    I would like the gov’t to get out of the definition of marriage altogether. Let the churches decide what marriage is and isn’t and leave it up to us.

    However, I think that if Christians did a better job taking care of the indigents of society, there wouldn’t be a need for involvement, so really, we are the ones to blame, aren’t we?

  2. Nick Gill permalink
    May 6, 2008 5:53 pm

    Have you read ‘Civil Government’ by David Lipscomb?

    It is a short, pithy book that makes the same point you’re making – that while the concept of government is ordained by God, every particular government is pretty much a kingdom of darkness pulling people away from reliance upon God and full and true life in His Kingdom.

    I’m wrestling with it. But I work for Kentucky State government, so I’ve got a bit of a bias.

  3. May 7, 2008 12:29 pm


    No I have not that I can remember.

    My views were shaped a great deal by living in Iowa and watching the process first hand.

  4. porchpoliticians permalink
    April 10, 2009 7:12 pm

    We see value in your points, however we tend to believe in limited government. We also feel that religion and politics should not be intertwined. The “religious right” tend to use religion and God in their arguments when and where they see fit. As for the gay marriage issue, our stance is that all marriages should be in fact civil unions between two consenting adults regardless of sexual orientation. The whole separation of church and state issue seems to be an issue that the “Conservatives” in the South use at their disposal. For example, the “sin” taxes or laws that we have in Georgia. No alcohol sales on Sunday? It’s a direct violation of church and state.

  5. April 13, 2009 5:12 pm

    I agree about the “religious right”.

    I don’t think Jesus came so that people could legislate his ways. He wants people to follow Him and discover that HE is the way but if making people do it was what he planned he could have created us in such a way.

    The problem would be that it wouldn’t work. We both need free choice and the ability to choose Him, life works no other way.

    Thanks for the thoughts.

  6. griffithinsider permalink
    April 30, 2011 1:00 pm

    Am writing a thesis on Public Trust in WikiLeaks, the Media and the Government and need to know what your opinions are. The online survey is multiple choice and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Please follow the link: Would be great if you would encourage others to do the survey also.

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