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All Talk?

April 28, 2008

Well recently I had a phone conversation with an area fellowship. In fact they are just down the street. We had offered to help one of what turned out to be their members so I was making sure they indeed were helped.

After getting that figured out the minister asked me how things were going in my world. He said his church wanted to help in the community and they were discussing some different ways that they could do that. He asked about our tutoring program to find out if it was successful.

This got me excited. I began to explain that there would always be a need for tutoring and if they wanted to get involved and start one I felt they would have plenty of opportunities to serve.

To be honest I got excited. I have come to a point where I think we are doing all we can and so we might be most effective if we can get other fellowships to take on some ministry of their own.

Well it was interesting to see the conversation change. When I offered to meet with them to discuss the needs of the community in greater detail, when would you like to do that, the pastor began to backtrack. It wasn’t long until he was on a full sprint back to we are just in the initial stages, we haven’t really done anything more than talk about it, that is something we may look at down the road.

Just talk. That was what it was, talk. We can talk about the needs of the community and even say we think they are important but please don’t ask for more than just talk.

Well I’m not satisfied with just talk, I hope you aren’t either.

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  1. April 30, 2008 5:55 pm

    Unfortunately, it seems talking is the name of the game. Just talking. Great story.

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