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Used Car

April 21, 2008

We traded in our old minivan last week. It had seen better days. We needed a new one so we went out and looked and found a new minivan model. We also purchased a Toyota in hopes that it would be more dependable.

Here is what hit me though. Our van is going to be back on the market and someone on a tighter budget is going to need a van, see this one and the price and jump on it.

What happens when this person on an already tight budget has to make repairs because the more miles on it the less dependable it becomes?

You buy a cheap minivan because you can’t afford better and it is cheaper for a reason, less dependable. Can we see how people can end up in a cycle that is hard to get out of? Can we see how the problem often compounds itself?

We can’t point fingers and blame someone all we want but I think we need to realize that some people who are trying to get it done have some hurdles that we don’t. I just wonder if we dismiss people with needs to easily in our country when they may be trying to make it but the circumstances just keep piling up.

I don’t know but I’m praying for whoever ends up with that van because while the price will be right the future is more uncertain. You get over 150,000 miles and things are bound to break.

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  1. Nick Gill permalink
    April 21, 2008 8:27 pm

    I don’t know much about CarFax, but I would guess that there is some way that you can make sure a vehicle’s driving history is public information.

    Beyond that, caveat emptor will rule, as cruel as it is. Once you trade in a car, that is it.

    You’ve got a rich and tender heart, Darin. Keep looking out for the poor! I will keep brainstorming as well.

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