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April 20, 2008
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Well the day I was fired from my monitor job I had to walk back to my office. You see we have been down a vehicle for a week, looking to buy something new. Anyway, my wife had the car at her new job so I had to hoof it to the office.

It wasn’t a bad walk and let’s face it, I could use the exercise. What I found fascinating were the items strewn along the way. Well not all of the items. Most were very predictable. The kind of things you would think of finding walking down a busy street.

There were discarded fast food cups and wrappers. That was no surprise. An empty bottle of vodka. Not really a surprise. Shingles from houses. It has been very windy. No almost everything seemed to be in place. That is until I ran across a set of floor mats from a car.

Now to me that wasn’t predictable. I mean I could see the other items by the road but a set of floor mats? How do you lose car mats on the side of the road? I mean were they just driving along one minute and the next they’re thinking what happened to the floor mats? I really can’t see someone becoming mad at their floor mats who decides to just throw not one but two of them out the window.

As I walked along it made no sense but I think that is one of our human problems. We think everything should make sense. I think that is a good message for us to learn. Things happen at times that just don’t make sense. Things in the Bible may seem crazy, they may not make sense but who says they should or are even supposed to?

Let’s face it. If the only things that happen are what makes sense then I really didn’t see floor mats by the road the other day. The empty vodka bottle yes but floor mats? A pair? That just couldn’t be.

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