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My First Day of Work

April 17, 2008

Well I made it through. I completed my first day. I did get my on the job training which consisted of me handing out the books to the students, a few sweeps through the classroom and some time to read a book.

One of the kids taking the test looked familiar. I said hello but couldn’t remember why. It took a minute to realize she was one of the five who we recognized for our Write On Essay Contest last year. When I read her name to pick up her material I realized who she was.

When I was done I had a chance to meet the school nurse. We have asked her to help us identify kids who need dental work but who may not be able to afford a dentist. What was really interesting is that she didn’t know me but she sent the email out to the teachers while I was there doing the test monitoring.

At some point that happened while I was in the classroom. What was interesting is the kids took a break at the halfway point and the teacher came up and told me that she was really excited about our dental ministry.

To me that is when the Kingdom rushes into the world. That is when it starts to seep into the community. That is when God’s justice is shown to the world. Not when I get the government to fix teeth, no when we as followers of Christ make the effort and invest the money to help those who need help.

All experienced on my first day as a Test Monitor. I liked it so much I’m thinking of applying to become a crash test dummy. Surely there is some time to read between crashes.

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