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80 Dollars

April 9, 2008
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It is test time again. Remember those days? We had long days of testing for who knows what? Countless numbers of circles blackened in with a number 2 pencil.

Our students go in for testing next week. On average each school will have 300 students in third through fifth grade that will be testing against national averages. Schools depend on these tests to show that the children are reaching goals set by the government.

It is customary for students to bring snacks on these days because the testing is long and kids can easily lose focus. This means in some of the poor schools some students may have a snack while others have nothing. We decided to help by purchasing snacks for two area schools which have the most children on government supported lunches.

This means a lot to the schools because obviously if the kids do poorly it will impact their jobs and the schools money. It took $80 to set up both schools with snacks. We went down to Sam’s and loaded up a cart.

It just doesn’t take a lot of money to have an impact in our world. One of the beautiful things about doing all of this is watching the doors of the schools come open for service. At the end of last week I was invited to be a monitor at one of the schools during the testing.

What a great opportunity to come into contact with every third, fourth and fifth grader in that school. What a chance to be Jesus in that place, to reflect His love for just awhile. To plant seeds in a world that needs hope.

That is just a bonus because the teachers see someone caring about kid’s and even more so about public schools.

Just a note, we also provided clothes for their emergency clothes area for kids who have accidents while at school. This added another $80 to the total but as the commercial says, the look on the school employees face was priceless.

Just take a minute, find a local school in a low income area and just ask them what they could use. You may be surprised to find that $80 makes their day.

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