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The Music

April 2, 2008

Sometimes I am such a goober. Recently I watched the movie The Wild from Walt Disney with the kids. It is a terrible movie, Madagascar without the charm or humor. I guess when the lion is Jack Bauer you expect more.

Anyway, in the movie they play a song that I really liked. I decided to find out who sang it because for many years my music tastes have been hidden in contemporary Christian music. So I looked at the soundtrack but the song wasn’t there.

I ended up dong a Google search and discovered that the group was Coldplay. Well again I have been living in a music bubble for several years only venturing out to get some old groups that I love like REM and Midnight Oil but not really listening to new music.

What a goober. I went to Rhapsody and listened and really liked Coldplay so I set up a channel on Pandora and began my day. So during that time I keep hearing these songs I really like and so I go look on Pandora to see who it is and it is Snow Patrol. Well after several songs I decide I should look into this group.

Well to make a long story short or at least shorter I ended up with a couple of Coldplay and Snow Patrol CD’s. Several things hit me. First, when I went to buy the music the young lady behind the desk immediately struck up a conversation about them, how much she liked them, how great the albums were.

We had a connection, a place where we both lived. That place wouldn’t necessarily have existed if I was walking up with a Newsboys CD. Not only that but I usually purchase those at a place where they encourage me to have a blessed day as I leave. Not the same opportunities.

I heard something else as I put in my Snow Patrol and listened to Chasing Cars. I heard a story of where people are today. What they long for, a story of what is happening inside. What a wonderful insight. I hear the story of the desires of hearts, wishes and dreams and I don’t have to ask because the music tells me.

I went to Youtube to find the video because I was curious. The comments told me the stories of a generation, their longings, all because of a song in the movie The Wild, all because I added something other than the latest Jeremy Camp.

P.S. anyone know the song that started the journey?

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  1. J D permalink
    April 2, 2008 9:45 pm

    My son is a huge Coldplay fan.

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