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Abortion: My Final Numbers

March 19, 2008

Nearly half of all abortions in the United States. take place in households that would be classified as either lower middle class, upper middle class or wealthy. So if I’m reading the numbers correctly only a about half of all abortions are performed on the poor. I only share the numbers to let you know they are people like you.

I think it is easier when it is “them” or “those” who make these choices. I think we have a harder time when it is “us” and yet the numbers bare out that it is us and not necessarily them. I also think it matters because at times people think they are isolated because they live in the suburbs or the better part of town and that just doesn’t happen around here but that isn’t true.

Why do I share this? Well I have taken heat at times for not supporting republican politicians. I have been attacked as being insensitive to the needs of the unborn and yet I doubt that is true.

My defining moment on abortion took place nearly fifteen years ago in a church classroom in Dodge City, Kansas. I don’t really remember what got it started but the “Republicaness” beating of abortion was taking place. People were appalled at those people, the ones who would support and create and have abortions. They talked with disdain about “them”.

I sat in class as a young man fresh out of college and listened until I had had enough. I told them what I thought believers should be doing. Instead of making villains out of those who seek abortions why don’t we show them love? Instead of looking down on them maybe we should talk to them about alternatives and deal with it when they choose otherwise. Instead of treating them like enemies maybe we should treat them as people made in the image of God who for whatever reason are about to or have made a poor choice, a wrong choice, a sinful choice, because unless their Bible read different all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

What I remember most was the woman who quietly approached me after class. I will never forget that day, that woman or what she said. She thanked me for my words. You see she was one of them, one of those. She sat there in fear until I said something. I knew her son, yes the one, but that choice didn’t happen because of laws and it didn’t happen because her family made enough money or she had the right beliefs. It happened because a believer stepped into her life, walked with her as she made the decision, and loved her unconditionally.

But guess what, that isn’t as easy as waiting for the Supreme Court to change but guess what it can happen today and doesn’t require a trip to a voting booth, just a desire to love.

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