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It’s Easter Time Again

March 13, 2008

And that can only mean that someone somewhere is doing something crazy to fill their building. If you remember last year we had Miss America signing autographs and posing for pictures for those fortunate enough to bring the mailer.

This year another local fellowship has hit on gas. Not bad gas, the kind we all release naturally due to intestinal buildup, no I’m talking the kind of gas you put in your car. That is right. Every guest will receive a $10 gas card. When I told my wife she asked about the times, I guess she was thinking of skipping out for some free petrol.

Can someone explain to me the obsession with packing a building one time a year? What do they hope to accomplish? Last year I was blasted by a group that has their worship at a baseball field who stay for the game afterward.

Anyway, this is the winner of the You Did What to Fill Your Building Award. Sure Jesus died for the world, giving everything He had in life and death but we don’t think that is enough to keep you out of the Baptist building down the street so would some fuel help?

Maybe you can explain why this isn’t a bad idea. I also now have to make my obligatory ‘you are doing what’ phone call. Last year Miss America really loved me.

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