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Selling Posters

February 25, 2008

I was in Blockbuster last night looking for a movie and I noticed they have started selling posters. I could have had a Hannah Montana poster or even one for Halo 3. Is this how far Blockbuster has fallen? In a desperate attempt to make a dime they now have these awkward boxes dangling from their shelves in hopes of getting someone looking for a movie to purchase a poster.

I am interested to see how this one goes. My brother worked for Blockbuster for several years. He was actually the CFO of Blockbuster Canada at one point. He gave a prediction of their demise several years ago and decided it was time to look elsewhere for employment. He is now in the furniture business.

Anyway, because of that I am always interested to see what Blockbuster does and from what I read it isn’t going well. They are not making money and from what I read Netflix owns the mail-to movie business. At one point Blockbuster began opening music stores and my brother worked for that division. They sold that one several years ago after loosing large amounts of money.

They have tried many things to make money and so today we have Blockbuster chasing market share with posters in a hope of staying afloat. I don’t know, it just made me think of what we do as church at times with the same motivation, market share. We are losing numbers so let’s make a change.

Do the attempts look any different than posters in metal hooks to those outside? I don’t know but it certainly makes me think. So what about you? What are your thoughts? Do some of the actions of churches today sound any different? Do they smack of a desperate attempt to retain market share? If they do is that bad?

I’m not sure what I think but I am thinking. We had a family with us this past Sunday who shared that they had not been in church for several years. I am interested to find out if they viewed what we do for those outside of church as relevant or just posters on a wall.

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