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I got it wrong.

February 22, 2008

Most of what I know came because of some mistake I have made or messing something up. I have learned more from doing something wrong than anything else in my life.

Is it any wonder Jesus called a bunch of nobodies, some fishermen, rebels and tax collectors? They certainly weren’t going to be prone to getting things right.

My qualifications don’t come from my successes they come from my failures. I wish more parents understood this. I wish I did more often. How many worry they are going to get something wrong? Go right ahead and blow it because when you blow it you know and it gives you a chance to learn something new and change.

How many things have succeeded in spite of my mistakes? I don’t know about your world but for me about all of them. My wife and I were just friends for a long time before she became a believer and we married. How many things did I blow in that one? Let’s not go there.

No, today I have been reminded of some of my mistakes, some of my, “you did that wrong and yet everything worked out in the end.”

I can’t wait to go and make some more mistakes, not intentionally mind you but guess what, it will happen, let’s just pray I can learn from them.

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