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Membership has its…

February 19, 2008

Joining. Anyone in to joining? Today is Lions Club. I joined because in the past we have had the mobile health clinic at our building and to use the truck you need at least two club members. Well my joining cut that requirement in half so I thought why not.

Anyway, I received an email today about the lunch meeting and it just bums me out because I hate going to meetings. They are the most worthless things for me that I have ever experienced. Well this got me to thinking about others out there.

Are you a part of an organization that has meetings you hate going to? What do you think about that? I mean if nothing is really going to be accomplished why bother?

I want to go to something because I know something is going to get done. I don’t want to go to a meeting just to go. I don’t want to be a part just so I can say I am a part of something.

Well this obviously makes me think of the organization we currently call church. I wonder how many people feel the same way. I don’t want to go to see nothing get done. I don’t want to go to a meeting just to say I was at the meeting.

If that is true what does that mean for church today? I have this thing today because since I joined I feel an obligation to go. There was a month back last year where my email was down and I didn’t get the messages so I didn’t feel bad not going. Well email is back up and today is the day.

What are your thoughts?

I think I’ll call a friend for lunch.

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