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January 21, 2008

Have you ever been offended? The past several Sundays we have been looking at the parables in Luke 15 in the context of our discussion on One.

Think about what has offended you. Maybe it was something a coworker said or a family member. What do you do when you are offended? Get mad? Get even? Look for some payback?

This Sunday we finished with a discussion about the prodigal son. Now you probably know that for the son to ask his father for his inheritance that was tantamount to telling his father that he wished he was dead. You probably also understand that the son moving to a distant land meant that he totally rejected the values and lifestyle of his father and family.

Offended yet? I think about the things that have offended me and I must say they don’t compare. Any behavior even bordering on that growing up would have gotten me a thumb on the head but what does the father do? He gives his son the money.

He gives his son the money which is ridiculous after such an offense and turns around and welcomes him home. At times I think of what offends me and I must say maybe I overreact.

What do I really know about grace when I live to be offended? What about you?

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