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January 18, 2008

You know one of the things that always interest me about Paul is his ability in each situation to build up others to push forward his agenda.

One of my favorites is Paul before Felix as recorded in Acts 24. Paul commends the governor for providing a long period of peace for the Jews as well as wisdom in enacting reforms. He goes on to show that he understands how important Felix is by telling him he won’t take up much of his time. Throughout the chapter you will find Paul building Felix up.

I think there is a lot to be learned by Paul’s actions. When you want to accomplish something it is important that you acknowledge the positive influence of those involved.

Too many times people become antagonistic because the government may promote values that we find objectionable or one side may hold some questionable views. Well it seems that we can point out the good of any group without showing support for all of their positions.

I think many issues that Christians deal with would be furthered if we would follow Paul’s example. Instead of focusing on the pagan religion of the Romans, instead of pointing out social and moral failure, he focuses on the good that Felix has done and he honors his position.

I think about the abortion debate and I wonder if calling people baby killers really furthers the cause. To be honest I wonder if that is even the issue anymore. It seems it is more about superiority and disagreement than actually seeing babies saved.

Think about the issues that you deal with whether it be with the government or just people you disagree with at your church and ask what positives could I point out that might help in this conversation. Much can be accomplished if we just give proper recognition.

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