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Getting Around

January 17, 2008

Years ago I spent six weeks in Europe as a part of a Let’s Start Talking team. It was a wonderful experience. One of the things I really enjoyed was public transportation. The trains and buses could get you anywhere. This was great because we were allowed to travel on Friday and Saturday.

I hopped on a train in the Netherlands and went to Belgium and took the train to Germany as well as the coast. Public transportation was really liberating. I even went to Cologne, Germany. Anything was possible as long as I was in by 6:00 p.m. Saturday night.

I think transportation is something that churches should think about. In our country public transportation is not common at least in my neck of the woods. We tend to like the independence of owning our own cars. We also have more wide open spaces which makes public transpiration impractical.

What happens though when you get to old to get around? Let’s be honest, you have probably had a run in with someone who was actually looking between the steering wheel and the dash instead of over the steering wheel? Right? I mean not only can some people not drive some people shouldn’t.

So how do they get around? How do they get to the doctor or to the grocery store? What type of transportation do you have available in your town? What happens when the doctor they need to see is in the next town?

Depending on the size of your community this can add up fast. What does your community do for seniors who can’t get around on their own? This is one reason I think churches should be thinking about transportation.

Find out how the widow gets around in your town. Does someone get everything for them? Who is that someone?

Our community recently began to offer public transportation and I’m excited. I quickly discovered how many people need to get to around but can’t. It didn’t take long to find out that seniors that can’t get around often go to great lengths to get what they need.

Could a church help cover some of the cost of these riders? Riders who are often widows? They are on fixed income and yet a trip to the neighboring community can run $40.00. Should we be concerned? Does it matter?

What does public transportation look like in your community?

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