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Storms Part Two

December 15, 2007

Well it has started snowing and everyone is paranoid that we will be without power again. We still have a few people who don’t have any power but for the most part everyone has electricity who worships with us.

One thing we did this past week once we had electricity was to bake cookies for the workers who are in town from all over the country. I took the kids out with bags of cookies. Well needless to say the workers thought it was very strange that we were giving them cookies but they did eventually take them. I can think of no better picture than the one of a group of burly guys in work clothes standing in a circle with their bag of cookies talking as we drove off. It was good for our kids to see that picture.

We also took fruit to the local Red Cross Shelter and thankfully it has closed because everyone has power or enough so that they didn’t need the shelter. We also got a call from an area senior center that had received several new clients whose homes were without power. They were having their Christmas party and these new arrivals wouldn’t have any gifts. We were able to go out yesterday and purchase items for twelve people. It ran us a littler over $100 to get what they asked for. Not bad if you ask me.

The great thing about the care center is that we put ourselves in a position to help. They had an unexpected problem and knew to call us. I think that is one of the biggest things, we had talked to them several weeks ago bout needs and they said they were fine. They knew to call when something did come up.

We will see what comes of this second wave. We are helping an area hospice with their Christmas needs next week. We really felt God leading us to help senior citizens this year. Most money is aimed at children. It has just been wonderful to see how God works. All of the calls that have been from people with senior citizen needs. God put the burden on our heart and then he gave us the people with needs.

We will see what happens with the power I do thank God for His power though.

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  1. December 16, 2007 3:37 am

    Excellent post brother.
    It is when the storms of life hit the hardest is when I see God at work in my life. I show that power at work in my life this past year. I don’t think we can as humans to began to comprehend the power and greatness of God.

    I hope that this coming week is good weather for you and that you don’t have any ice. I pray that God will take care of you and your family this holiday season. I hope your is blesed in deed.
    In Him,
    Kinney Mabry

  2. December 16, 2007 7:32 pm

    Good post. You teach a good message here – Be Prepared. (Are you an old boyscout?) Seriously though, people need to know before trouble hits that they can turn to God’s people help. We must get this message out and then be Prepared to help. I love your focus on Seniors, too often they are forgotten.


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