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December 5, 2007

As a creative person working in advertising agencies and design shops I was always frustrated when people acted as if my work just popped out of a computer like toast out of a toaster or something.

One year a local designer made a joke about this tendency with a poster for the annual design competition. The computer keyboard had three buttons, poster, logo, billboard, as if all we did was push a button and presto the design was done.

Because of that I never could understand why more creative people weren’t believers. I mean we understood the effort that went into creativity and we were insulted by the insinuation that our work came almost by accident. Yes there were some happy accidents in my days as a designer but none of them came out full ready to be printed and separated with the proper dpi. Even little creative quirks had to be refined and nursed into a final piece.

That really is one reason I am a believer today. My creative mind saw creativity all around them in fact my creative mind often went to the original creators work for inspiration. Something about that has always said I was made, come on no button on a computer, no chance accident made this happen.

I took it a step further and said if I felt insulted and belittled when people thought their logo came out of a Cracker Jack box how must the Creator of all of this feel? Now you may be saying Darin I don’t think God is that petty and I would agree but I still think there is something there. In fact the very notion that God would create this and allow even those who rejected him to enjoy it told me more about His nature than anything else.

That he would allow us to trash it and hurt others while trying to help but not going all the way, well you do understand that the only way to fix it all is to destroy it right? I mean when your car is broken if you don’t get it fully repaired it just sits there and rusts.

Well the earth is rusting and to be honest I will take that over the alternative, a total overhaul. Let’s face it, that should give us a greater opportunity to contrast what God has done through Jesus Christ in our life shouldn’t it?

Anyway, I was just thinking about creativity because I am planning on joining the local Art Directors club and it took me back to my days as a designer, to clients who thought it only took the pressing of a button.

Hey God, surely this happened by the pressing of a button, just one big bang.

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  1. December 5, 2007 1:26 pm

    I just think it is the sign of the times. Our society.

  2. December 6, 2007 5:54 pm

    For many centuries Christians have expressed prayers to God via artwork, entering into the Creation of the world by expressing God’s creative action in their work.

    This is a wonderful idea. Blessings.

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