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Unchristian: Generation Gap

October 30, 2007

I gave the book to our elders to read. I was hoping it would give them some understanding of the dynamics at play in our world today. For me I can totally understand why the people feel the way they do because I share some of the same feelings. This morning I had a chance to discuss the book with one of our elders. It was fascinating because his take on the book was much different than mine.

I found it to be good and informative, he found it to be discouraging. He didn’t seem to think highly of where things are headed and the book offered him little hope.

It is just interesting to see the gap in generations. Sunday we got into a discussion about baptism, it still fascinates me how so many approach baptism. I just don’t understand the way they approach scripture, for me it comes across like a search for a formula that makes it so. I don’t know, maybe that is just me.

The discussion continued yesterday and I tried to explain that historically the early church never approached baptism in the way we do and the entire question of salvation was discussed in a totally different way. If there was some right exact way of doing baptism that insured salvation then some early church writers were very confused.

I say all of this to add what happened this afternoon. A friend called and in the span of our conversation he related a conflict he had simply because instead of saying a person got saved he said they exchanged their life for His (Jesus). The person accused him of being unbiblical but more importantly the person asked why the younger generation didn’t care about the older one.

I started to wonder if I was saying the same. Sure my position on baptism is studied and reasoned and I believe it is correct but is that what I say when I try to push people to see that their way of measuring baptism isn’t the way the church historically measured baptism?What if I am saying you don’t matter and you don’t know very much do you?

I don’t know, it is something I need to think about, it is something that I am reminded of when I read Unchristian and say right on while another person reads it and shakes his head.


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  1. October 31, 2007 11:59 am

    Our calling as teachers of the word requires that we challenge those around us to draw closer to a biblical understanding of things.

    Sometimes it is a matter of waiting to strike when the iron is hot… cold steel doesn’t change no matter how hard you hit it. It just breaks.

    I do not believe you are being insulting or anything. I believe there is a lot of suspicion running through our families, perhaps based on the inherent weakness of the thought structure they are depending on for salvation.


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