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October 2, 2007

It seems to me that in many ways Christianity has become little more than superstition. Several years ago I prayed with a girl’s basketball team before their home games. It was good to get into a situation where I could pray with people who were not in Christ but I do look back and think that they asked out of superstition, kind of covering the bases I suppose.

They would cross all of their arms and legs before we prayed. Who knows, maybe they sacrificed a chicken afterwards. Anyway, I’m not sure this isn’t about what Christianity has become.

I was thinking about this while reading Paul’s response to the culture of his day. In Acts 17:23 Paul talks about their love for many gods. They had one for every street and home. They had multiple deities to ask for everything they wanted.

It seems that in many ways Christianity has in many places become nothing more than superstition. A deity to ask for. Instead of multiple ones we just go to THE one but what we ask and want is the same.

What makes it hard for us to see this superstition? Maybe it’s not really superstition at all. What do you think? Superstition?

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  1. October 3, 2007 1:47 pm

    You make such a great point.
    THE ONE vs. The many.
    The many would seem more superstisious to me than the one. I think that is why they were so attracted to the ONE. Execellent post.

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