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September 25, 2007

I think we are more like cattle than sheep. I mean you take cattle and put up a fence and you try to keep them in. They get to eat until they are fat, you stuff them full of shots and pills that help them grow fatter faster and then you send them off to be butchered.

Sounds about like institutional church to me.

The people come in and we try our best to keep them and to do so we need to fatten them up so we do so with programs and activities that entertain them. We throw in some Bible study and then we rope them in. We liked it so much that we fence our children in at Christian schools and we only play in Upward Basketball leagues and the like, more barbwire.

Jesus called us to be sheep and he went so far as to say that those who know him could distinguish his voice. There is a very different picture with sheep. The shepherd works to take the sheep where there is food, he doesn’t truck it to their location like a farmer feeding his cattle hay.

No wonder elders have such a tough time with sheep, we have created cattle and if you have worked with cattle it is a much different experience. It seems to me that the modern church is little more than a cattle pen.

May we be sheep.

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  1. September 25, 2007 5:06 pm

    And, may the Elders be Shephards and not CEO’s, Dictators, Milatants, Supressors, Discouragers. God help elders to care about your church, love it like you would have them. May they understand their role.

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