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But how do you know?

September 19, 2007

How do you know they aren’t taking you? How do you know they really deserve the help? I get that question a lot. I will be real straight with you, I often wonder if they ask because they really want to know or because this fact gives them an out for why they don’t help those in need.

It was the question a friend of mine heard when they began a garage sale giveaway at their fellowship. How will we know we really aren’t getting taken? How do we know they really have needs?

I told my friend that for me that isn’t even the main reason I believe in these types of works. In fact for me meeting a need is the gravy, the cherry on top. For me the real benefit is getting believers to live beyond themselves. The real point is to help people who claim to follow Christ to love their neighbor. The command wasn’t take care of those who have real verifiable needs, the command was love your neighbor.

No, I do these things to help people follow Jesus. That is it, that is the main reason. If we couldn’t do our monthly medical mission we would do something else, we are doing something else. I mean the ways we can love our neighbor are endless. We have not yet even begun to scratch the surface and that to me is the reason.

If someone really doesn’t have a need that is there problem not mine. Now I do turn people down but that isn’t the point. The point is I live in a world with neighbors and if I’m not helping the people in our fellowship follow through with that I am not doing my job.

P.S. I feel the same way about the do you get discouraged when they don’t respond to the gospel message. Do we share it with everyone? Sure, but we do it because we are to love our neighbor. Someone might say that the ultimate love is salvation and I wouldn’t disagree, but you know that is not the example Jesus gave when asked about neighborly love. He told a little story about a Samaritan didn’t he.

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  1. September 19, 2007 7:50 pm

    Well said! Thanks for bringing in Jesus’ definition of neighborly love. lest we forget.

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