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Garage Sale Giveaway

August 16, 2007

The sanctuary was full, from the front to the back there were tables and tables of goods. At a certain point I wondered if we would have any left at the end of the day. Two hours later I had my answer. One small load went to Goodwill the rest found a home in our community.

We finished our Garage Sale Giveaway recently and I must confess that when I first came I thought it a bit of a waist. To be truthful I was a little embarrassed by some of the items. Some of them looked like garage sale rejects.

That is before I got involved in my first one. That is before we started delivering items to homes to see just how people lived. One of many stories that struck me this past year was a young man who was incredible thankful. You see Max, we’ll call him Max, had been homeless since he was fourteen, on his own fighting to live. He had gotten himself a job and found an apartment with a bunch of other young guys who used to be homeless. They didn’t have much he said and they really appreciated all that we were doing.

I started to think about my first apartment out of college. I started to remember all of the old furniture I was given by my parents. I started thinking about the bed that was a birthday present and I realized that even with a college degree I too wouldn’t have had much in my first apartment.

This is just one story of many who were touched in the name of Jesus by some stuff that others wanted to giveaway.

Hopefully we can take the next step with Max because that really is what we are looking for, an opportunity to introduce them to the one who moves us.

(P.S. I am very thankful for the people who started long before my arrival.)

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  1. August 17, 2007 2:20 am

    I think it is great to help any one of those in need.
    God bless brother. Sounds like very thing went very well.

  2. Michelle Wong permalink
    February 20, 2008 6:53 am

    Thanks for the great information. Just recently i found a 35 year old maple table at a yard sale for only $11! What a steal huh?Here is a great website i found on redoing cabinets


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