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Give, Connect, Elevate

July 18, 2007


The Green Apron Book begins with these three words.

Those are three words worth being aren’t they? Give: Jesus calls his followers to a selfless life, He called us to give to others. He not only told us to give to others but he let us in on a little secret, it is in giving that we become fully alive.

It is unfortunately that for many these are not the first three things that come to mind when thinking of church. Give has become what can I get, what do you have for me, and how much do I like it. One amazing thing that happened for me several years ago was some research I did for church welcome packets. I wanted to find out what different places said if you came and visited. What do you think I found? It was a list of what you could get.

Isn’t there something slightly sad about the fact that the first reminders that a Starbucks employee receives are give while the first thing people often tell believers is what you will get if you identify with this fellowship? How can a group of people who sell coffee have an easier time asking for giving than the church? What happened there?

Connect: Well it is easy to see this idea in Acts 2 isn’t it? People connecting, getting together, and they didn’t do this because some letter existed to copy, they did this because they wanted to be together, they felt connected. What a sad day when the church began to use such verses as rules of law that say you have to get together, you must connect. Is it any wonder no one connected anymore?

Finally the word Elevate. Make others better, yourself, and the world you live in, leave it better than when you came. What a novel idea. The writer of Hebrews tells those early believers that they should meet together, connect, to motivate each other, elevate, for love and good works, give and people actually used those verses in Hebrews 10:23-25 to explain why it was a law that you had to meet twice on Sunday.

I want you to think of what three words would be a part of your fellowships first page. I will be honest the church of my youth would probably start with do it right, check to see if it is right, tell everyone else they are wrong. Is it any wonder Starbucks does church better than church?

If you told someone that Starbucks ripped all of their values off from followers of Jesus, the church, would they believe you?

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  1. July 18, 2007 4:52 pm

    great questions. I’m sharing this one.

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