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On Iraq

July 12, 2007

I typically stay out of politics and the war in Iraq but after reading this article this to me is the biggest reason you come home and allow Iraq to become what it will become.

Will it become something really bad? Probably but the soldiers shouldn’t be put in a position where they have no one to help them.

Maybe someone has some more information that might help in this because this seems totally unjust.

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  1. July 12, 2007 8:40 pm

    While I pray that I never become a screaming raving extremist in politics, religion, or any other facet of life, I find it painfully difficult as a prior-service civilian to support in good conscience the continuance of military operations in Iraq.

    I have been extremely patient with our president. I have defended his foreign policy while excoriating him for his economics and close ties to those making billions of dollars in war contracts. If he does not deal firmly with the Irawi authorities on this issue, I cannot continue to defend his decisions anymore.

    If the portion of the Iraqi populace that wants us there REALLY WANTS us there, these things would not be happening.

    in HIS love,

  2. July 14, 2007 4:00 pm

    I don’t have to read the article to know that we need to get out of Iraq. While preaching at Ft. Benning I met thousands who were headed into that crummy situation, fighting for the empire in the spread of democracy. As we all know now, the problem isn’t tyrany . . . it’s sin. The solution isn’t democracy . . . it’s the gospel. We can’t force democracy down the throat of those who have no appetitie for it.

  3. July 16, 2007 11:47 am

    Maybe if democracy and freedom and all these things America “stands for” had really made our lives qualitatively BETTER, we would not have to force it down anyone’s throat. But like you say, the problem isn’t governmental forms or enumerated rights or personal freedoms. The problem is sin, and there’s enough of that to go around.


  4. July 16, 2007 1:57 pm

    Thanks for the great thoughts. In the context of making things better it is interesting what we will try.

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