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July 10, 2007

The Cathedral at Cologne, Germany took over 600 years to build. I remember walking in several years ago and being blown away. It was immense with stained glass and candles. At one time it was the tallest building in the world, in the world. We climbed the spires for a birds eye view.

I remember listening to the tour guide as she explained that the people who surrounded the place lived in poverty as they raised the money to build this monument to Gothic architecture.

In reading about the place I discovered that to finish it the Catholic Church began to sell indulgences. What a way to finance this monumental structure. Something about buildings brings out deep pockets and something seems to allow greater influence.

When I first entered the space I thought of majesty and beauty, after learning more I didn’t think it was so pretty anymore.

At times people who come to our building comment about its condition. We have a leak that we still have not fixed and the outside needs a fresh coat of paint. We did get the trim on the front painted recently but that only reminds us of how bad the rest could use a paint brush.

I have spent the past few weeks talking about beauty on Sunday morning and I wonder if we have spent too much time trying to make beautiful buildings because they are easier to construct then to be beautiful people.

Certainly we can’t just allow our building to fall down but in this past week we spent over $3,500 on clothing and school supplies for underprivileged youth and this is only the beginning. On August 1 we will open our building and if this year is anything like last we will see over 800 people come into this somewhat rough looking building to receive items to assist with their back to school needs.

I think on that day we have one of the most attractive interiors in the city and I am reminded of a structure in Cologne. No one will probably ever want a tour of our facility but we will certainly have our share of visitors.

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