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Not Another, But a Better

July 6, 2007

“The house that gave birth to Google was always filled with mutual friends, Wojcicki says. Most of them techies themselves, their No. 1 question for Brin and Page back then: Who needs yet another search engine?

The answer: “‘Not another but a better search engine,’ ” Wojcicki recalls.”From the beginning, they had a very clear vision that they could build something much better than what existed at the time.” The House that Helped Build Google – USAToday

It has been many years since an incredulous journalist on her way to Russia asked me why I felt it necessary to go to the Netherlands to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. She wanted to know whether or not they had people who already believed. It was a good question and it has stuck with me for all of these years. I was young and idealistic on my way to Eindhoven, Netherlands as a member of a Let’s Start Talking team.

For this unbeliever it made little sense to do something that should already be done by those who lived there. She felt it smacked of superiority that we needed to take the gospel to them as if they didn’t have access already.

My new found journalist friend seated beside me from Dallas to London made a good point, but my response was that we had a way of touching people with the gospel that no local possessed, we were Americans who people wanted to get to know and who could help people with their English. No local had such an ability.

I was reminded of the question while reading an article on Google in the USAToday. The question they were asked, why do we need another search engine is a relevant question for fellowships today.

Does the world need the fellowship you gather with? What does it bring to the world that is unique? Is it just another church or a better one? If you had to explain why yours deserved to exist what would you say? Would it be a good enough reason? I think every fellowship should strive not to simply be another but to be a better one.

Too many seem satisfied with just being and being very little at that. What reason would yours give for its existence? A simple claim that it was and is the one true church, all because of a couple of randomly selected markers?

Better singing? Isn’t that rather subjective? Better songs? Isn’t that too? So I ask again, why should your fellowship be in the community it exists in today? What would those around you say, would it match yours? Would you agree?

I will be honest, I have attended fellowships that either couldn’t answer this question or would answer it in a way that I wouldn’t agree with. I don’t ever want to find myself in such a place again. I want to say that my fellowship is not just another but a better one and let me tell you why.

Shouldn’t we commit to better?

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