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Hold Your Mouth Right

May 11, 2007

That is what I used to think. I used to think you had to hold your mouth just right, say the exact right words, don’t get them wrong, for people to come to Christ. Because I believed this I used to read countless books from authors who had seen a lot of people come to Christ. Makes sense doesn’t it? If there is an exact right way to get it done than all one must do is find the exact right way and copy it.

I new of churches that had done the purpose Driven Plan TM who hadn’t really seen anything positive take place and yet I suppose deep down inside I assumed that it was because they really weren’t committed to the purpose driven plan. Deep down I think I assumed that if they really wanted to succeed at the purpose driven plan then they would have succeeded.

How about you? Do you constantly wonder what you are doing wrong? Maybe you wonder what you are doing right, that could be too I suppose.

The past several Sundays have just been crazy and the only reason I could give is God is working in our place. Today a young man responded to our invitation. I performed this young man’s wedding in December and he has been coming with his wife and family since. Here he came to the back in tears, he wanted Christ. Another woman left a note saying whe wanted to know what she needed to do to follow Christ.

We have a woman who is transforming before my eyes from someone struggling with addiction to someone reflecting Jesus. We have a family reunited and the father is here each Sunday. We had another family whose son started playing in our band and they are making the journey.

The funny thing is I rejected formula Christianity, or at least the brand of my childhood long ago, but I think some residue remained. I’m just glad I have resisted that temptation to handle things as formula. We have been willing to come along side this couple instead of demanding conformity. We have allowed the Spirit to give a timetable instead of forcing the issue.

He is not the only one these past several weeks, just the one from Sunday and yet if someone asked me to explain what I did to make this happen I can honestly say nothing.

Yes we use video and we had a really great series leading up to Easter but I don’t have that big of a head to think that was it because it wasn’t. Just to see peoples faces excited to praise God, touched by the Spirit is to be honest something new for me.

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