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Inc. Magazine

April 15, 2007

Inc. is my favorite magazine to push me in thinking about our fellowship. A close second is Fast Company. I like Inc. better because it is more down to earth, but I have been challenged to think by both magazines.

Where do you go looking for ideas and information? Where do you search to find challenging ways to look at our existence?

One nugget I picked up from the February issue of Inc. was defensiveness. A company called Wow Branding was sharing how they approached new clients and presentations and one of the things that hit me was they try to take away the potential clients defensiveness.

What they mean is that when they go to a company for a presentation about what they could do to help their company they expect defensiveness. The article shared some things they do to alleviate this.

I had never really thought about a business presentation in the context of defensiveness, and yet it made me think of how people feel when someone shares the truth of Jesus Christ. Do they naturally feel defensive? Aren’t you really calling into question the way they see things and have seen things? Do we come across like we are questioning past decisions?

Something to ponder I think. I wonder if Jesus didn’t do some of this with the woman at the well and others. Did he through questions take away their defensiveness? What do you think? I am interested in your thoughts.

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  1. Jim Sexton permalink
    April 21, 2007 5:28 pm

    I think that Jesus made people at ease by being one of them. He didn’t rise above them to pontificate, he rather walked among them to discuss, ask and answer questions, and teach with stories that they could understand on their own level.

    To a baseball player he might have taught them that when you bat with a few base runners on base (are blessed with a talent) a single (earning one for your master) is as good as a home run (returning ten talents from the one). Looking at three strikes and siting down, so as to avoid hitting into a triple play (burying your talent in the ground in fear of losing it) is not acceptable. As a baseball guy, I understand that better than making bread.

    We need to be about God and Jesus, bringing people to a relationship that will enrich their spirits and rekindle that fire that God Himself placed in their heart and soul…

    I get ideas from life, from blogs, from different sites that have spiritual discussions, and from you Darrin. I find that if their is no other motivation toward a topic, I speak from my heart and it will lead me to a relevant topic. Just continue to speak in whatever way you can.

    On a personal note, I just got out of the hospital after having a bit of a scare with my heart. All should be well going forward, but I ask for the prayers of any who might be reading this as I seek to live a physically healthier life while serving in a spiritually more effective manner every day.


  2. April 23, 2007 2:49 pm

    Jimbo, I am praying.

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