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Design Withdrawal

March 29, 2007


I spent 10 years in the graphic design field. I have been drawing and creating since I was a child. I was called by God into full time ministry five years ago. One of the nice things about my current position is I get to use my creativity in many different ways.

Here is the problem though, I have been going through design withdrawal these past few weeks and it has reached critical mass. I need to create something cool through illustration, specifically posters and event promotions. One of the things I love most about design is creating posters and that is one thing I don’t get to do for our fellowship and I typically use photos for our church material.

So here is what I am looking for, I am offering my services to anyone with a cool event that they need creative posters, identity, table toppers etc. for.

Since I left full time design nearly four years ago I have not felt this way, maybe it is spring I don’t know, but I seriously have this deep push to create a poster or campaign for an event. If you know of someone who needs these services I am not trying to make money, just create.

Take a look at my web site at if you would like to know what I like to create. I love to illustrate for impact.

Thanks for taking a look.

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  1. Jim Sexton permalink
    March 30, 2007 3:45 am

    Is that a Pittsburgh hockey poster? My parents are both from that area, McKeesport (dad) and Corapolis (mom). My uncle preached for the East McKeesport church of Christ for a number of years. His name is Neol Sexton and my grandfather was an elder there for many years in the 60’s – 80’s.

    I realize that this doesn’t take you up on your offer, but the poster got my attention because I think it says Pittsburgh on it.

    A die hard Pirate fan,

  2. March 30, 2007 3:51 am


    You bless me with your presence.

    Yes I did this for the Penguins years ago, but since NAPA didn’t have rights to use the name we just used Pittsburgh and the P.

    Thanks for all of your comments. I always know when you have come by. I am still waiting for your blog to come online and I always look for more stories.

    Praying for your ministry.

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