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March 26, 2007

Have you ever had a caricature done of yourself? You know what I’m talking about, those people at a theme park or fair who offer to draw some exaggerated likeness of you for money. I mean if I wanted someone to offer an exaggerated image of myself I would just ask my kids.

To be honest I never have. The idea of paying someone to look me over to find some characteristic to blow up just never really interested me. That and the fact that because they are typically at amusement parks or fairs I always had other things I wanted to waist my money on.

I wonder if we don’t often worship a caricature of Christ. An exaggeration based on one characteristic that has been overblown. What do you think? I have known some to focus on getting the ritual right, in the right order, done saying and thinking the right things.

Can you imagine what a church would do if their stained glass window was done like one of those caricature drawings of Jesus from an amusement park? I think people would be angry. I think people would feel insulted and yet I wonder if we have created a caricature of Christ to worship today.

This past Sunday we had a potluck meal to celebrate the birth of a child to a family in our fellowship that is struggling financially. I happened to sit at a table with a young lady I will call Brenda. Brenda has been coming for the past several weeks to our fellowship. She started by coming to our Medical Mission, not as a patient but someone who was curious to see what we were doing in Jesus name.

We were talking and she told me she wanted to be a part of our fellowship. She told me that she had actually been married to a minister at one point but after 18 years he had left her for another woman. She hadn’t been a part of a church since.

As we talked she told me that she loved everything about what we were doing. She said we really seemed to get it. She articulated our vision. No, she didn’t do this because I had told her but because she saw it in action. She loved the fact that all were made to feel welcome in the name of Jesus. She was impressed with all the different things we did to impact our community.

In short she said we were doing it right, she said she wanted to get involved. I don’t want to share this to brag, it was just great to here we are who we are called to be, but I do share it because we are trying hard not to follow a caricature of Christ.

To do that requires a willingness to be messy. To do that requires some mistakes along the way, but let’s be honest, no one hangs up a caricature of Christ on the cross for Easter, they put one that is suppose to be life like. Shouldn’t our fellowships be doing the same?

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  1. Jim Sexton permalink
    March 28, 2007 3:17 pm

    I tell people that my main goal is to not get in God’s way. I want Him to lead me, I ask for His guidance, and only want to do His will… whatever that may be. I pray that the reflection of Christ in my life makes me look better and better all of the time.

    If that means I look odd to the rest of the world, well that is a caricature I can be proud of.


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