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Cocoa Butter Mango Splash

March 16, 2007

Okay, so I said I would share the rest of the story on this. No, I’m not Paul Harvey but I do have a terrible impression I could do.

I actually have two bottles of lotion in my office bathroom. Well I guess you could call it a bathroom, no bath in it for sure but then I’m not sure how much rest I would ever get in that place. Not to stray too far from point, I tend to do that you know, but shouldn’t we come up with a better name than restroom? Maybe this is why women’s lines are so long, they are spending too much time resting. For guys they usually stink so bad that I wouldn’t want to rest in them any longer than is necessary. Download Room? Waste removal Space? I just think a more accurate name could be had is all, but after looking at my suggestions maybe there is a reason.

Anyway, back to my Cocoa Butter Mango Splash in the bathroom. I have that one and another that is Cocoa Butter Coconut Breeze. Sounds refreshing doesn’t it? I purchased these a few years ago during the Easter season.

Did you know Easter is the most attended Sunday service each year? Okay, for you that may be a no duh, but for a guy whose childhood fellowship thought it was better to celebrate colored eggs and bunny rabbits it is something you might be unaware of. I know, another tangent.

So I purchased the lotion to give people an idea of some different events that took place the last week of Jesus life. I thought cheap lotion might be better than going out and buying some really expensive perfume and breaking over people’s heads. I could just see our treasure as I handed him the bill.

But that is kind of what hit me this week as I prepare for another Easter season. I was thinking about the hand lotion and I started to ask myself if I to often go the cheap route in life. Yes, I want to be like Jesus but that can really be expensive. I will give but not that much. I will help a person but only until it becomes inconvenient.

I don’t want to do things half way, I don’t want to take the less expensive route anymore. My wife and I have signed up to support three children as they wait for adoption. We canceled cable to help cover this added expense. I just don’t want to always look for cheaper alternatives when it comes to service.

Sure our church has a lot of outwardly focused ministries, we do more than just talk about it, but guess what, that doesn’t give me an excuse to sit back and rest on my laurels, to give God cheap lotion in place of the expensive perfume.

What do you think you would have said that day when the woman anointed Jesus with the good stuff?

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  1. March 16, 2007 6:46 pm

    You can’t make me answer that.

  2. Jim Sexton permalink
    March 16, 2007 11:07 pm

    My dad alternately referred to it as ‘the head’ because he was in the Navy for 12 years, or the reading room. I had a sister in law who just put her name on the door. Vicki’s room. You could go with powder room, another popular choice I am told, but in your case I guess lotion room would be more accurate. Sounds goofy, but really is it any different than powder room?

    Go to where Jesus was. He had nothing, so he had no reason to feel like what he gave was insufficient. “Silver and gold have I none.” (my childhood KJV showing itself here) doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to give, what we have is more valuable than much pure gold (KJV again).

    Here is the challenge I give to people. Your giving is far more than what you put into a collection basket/plate. Didn’t you get a whole day to use from God? Find a way to tithe (KJV just won’t go away) of your time, every day. You have a car? Or is it God’s car? Do you use it for him, and taking your own little family down the road to worship/activities doesn’t count, are you tithing of that blessing?

    I go cheap in ways, but they always leave me more able to be generous when I see a need. I own 12 nice sport coats. Some are Italian silk, there are some beautiful wool, hounds tooth, and such stuff. One is a Brooks Brothers jacket, one from Hickey-Freeman… all in all, nice stuff. All from the thrift store and none more than $6.00 out of my pocket.

    I drive 10 year old cars that have been well cared for, and can nearly always pay cash for them. Never in my life have I spent more than $3,000 for a car. If they cost me $600 a year in maint. costs, that is way cheaper than a monthly payment.

    Sometimes being cheap is just good stewardship.


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