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Waiting Rooms

March 13, 2007

I hate waiting rooms. I hate anyplace that has been built for the soul purpose of keeping people from getting where they really want to go. They are the buffer zone between somewhere and nowhere. They are there own little world with there own rules. Every waiting room I have ever been in has someone in charge of keeping the rabble down. At the airport they are the people at the gate, the doctor’s office has the receptionist and the muffler place has George Foreman or a guy taking a polygraph, okay maybe not those last two.

Come on, you know the rules don’t you? You can never sit by anyone in a waiting room. If you want to really bother someone go into the waiting room that is empty a pick a chair by another person, just check out their response. They will look at you like you just entered their home unannounced for dinner. At some point soon after they will go up to the front desk to check on their appointment or their flight only to find a new place to sit upon their return.

Waiting rooms are cold places. They try to make them look nice but it doesn’t matter because no one wants to be there, they only want out of there and so it becomes a cold place. The magazines are always so dated that you feel like you’ve stumbled back in time. They just weren’t constructed for long term stays.

How about their chairs? Is there some store, Uncomfortable Waiting Rooms are Us out there that everyone who has a waiting room orders chairs from? They are always the hardest chairs with the nicest looking fabric. Even the newest waiting rooms have these attractive chairs that have no padding. It’s like they stuck a couple of Kleenex down and stapled on the fabric.

What about waiting room schedules? Why do the even bother giving a time for your appointment? I get there a couple of minutes late and they scowl at me like I have thrown off their entire days schedule only to wait an hour to even enter past the doors of no return. You know those doors where people go in but never come out. They are the doors that keep you from your final objective. They are always guarded for dear life.

Luke 16:19-31 records Jesus story about a rich man and Lazarus. In the story angels come and carry Lazarus to Abraham’s side. I love the image that these verses paint. If we have died he will send angels to carry us to a glorious waiting room until the day of judgment. Nothing about the picture seems uncomfortable or cold. Lazarus is warmly embraced at Abraham’s side.

I don’t know about you but on this earth I hate waiting and I hate waiting rooms. It would seem though that when it comes to God I don’t have to worry about bad chairs or disinterested staff. I look forward to a day when I can wait for all things to be made new.

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  1. Jim Sexton permalink
    March 13, 2007 2:32 pm

    “I hate anyplace that has been built for the soul purpose of keeping people from getting where they really want to go.”

    Interesting slip of the keyboard. The “sole purpose” is what you meant to say, but in respect to the example of Lazarus and the rich man, that seems to talk about the soul purpose.

    Since God’s time and my time are not at all the same, I will never figure out just how literal this story is intended to be, but it does tell me that when life here is done, there is no changing the end result of the life that we live.

    The sole purpose reminds us of the soul purpose of our lives. Fear God and keep his commandments.

    Don’t look back…

  2. March 13, 2007 2:46 pm

    Jim, the English language and I have a love hate relationship. I would love to play that off as something other than my English skills.

    I do think to expand on my thoughts if we look at our time on earth as a waiting room we will probably experience the same frustrations/feelings.

    Eternity is today but as I studied yesterday I was just struck by the beauty of the image of angels seeking us out when we die. That was a comforting image.

    In all honesty I think we lack in spiritual understanding when it comes to what takes place in our world. My study of angels took me to the verses that led to the post. I just think we have sterilized much of the mystery happening in the unseen world.

    I have been reading Jewish thoughts on angels and have found them very interesting.

    Thanks for stopping by and adding to the discussion.

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